FL-18 ProPack II & 12 Degree Ice-Ducer & DD-100

FL-18 ProPack II & 12 Degree Ice-Ducer & DD-100

FL-18 with No Transducer

FL-18 with No Transducer

FL-18 Genz Pack w/12 degree Ice Ducer

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Years in the making, this classic case design has been improved even more by ice fishing legend Dave Genz. Dave created his "Blue Box" over 30 years ago. It was indestructible, so it will last for years of hard use. Genz has redesigned the battery storage compartment and added a universal transducer holder system. Now called the Genz Pack, it can also accept the full line of Vexilar accessories like a Battery Status Indicator, Vexilar Flex Light or even a Dual Beam Ice-Ducer transducer.


View The Vexilar Genz Pack Introduction Video
View The Vexilar FL 18 Operation Video


Mounted on the positive terminal of your battery is a fuse holder and fuse. Vexilar knows your battery can cause fires if a dead short happens, so we have taken the added safety precaution to include this fuse holder with a 3 amp fuse for your battery.
• It comes standard with a 3 amp automotive fuse, but you can put in a size fuse from 3 amp to 10 amps.
• If your sonar system does not power-up, check to see if fuse or fuse holder is loose.
• If your sonar system does not power-up, inspect the fuse itself, if the wire inside the fuse is burnt, the fuse must be replaced
• YES your Vexilar can run without the fuse holder by connecting directly to the battery, but please use it whenever possible for safety purposes.
• If for some reason you’ve lost your fuse holder or would like to put them on all your Vexilar systems, they are available directly at vexilar.com, part number: FH1000

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